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Bringing families together through coffee

You have probably seen this phrase quite a few times on our website and our social media. Or maybe you might have heard us say it! We come back to it because we take it seriously. At Dinamica we strive to connect the coffee supply chain, develop strong partnerships at origin, with buyers and roasters and all our collaborators.

We believe that a solid family is built upon strong convictions and values that a group of individuals share. For this very reason, it is important for us to take the time to get to know our partners, at origin and outside of Guatemala, and create true alliances that can turn into long-term relationships, just like a family.

Since we began in 2012 and working with three generations of producers and export-trading experts, we knew we had a great base to grow and develop. In 2015 we opened our mill and our logistics and production center, which continues to grow and evolve; for example, this year, we’ll be releasing a fantastic train of micro-lots, something we look forward to sharing with you!

Furthermore, our certification program's growth, getting more and more FairTrade, Organic, UTZ, and Rainforest Alliance certified coffees, strengthened and expanded the relationships with our producer partners. As we started learning more from them, we began transitioning to specialty coffees. We have embarked on this exciting learning curve with many of our partners, both adapting and learning together.

As we increased our knowledge and experience, our partnerships solidified and developed into treasured friendships. After years of working with those first few people, we can say we are one big family.

We pride ourselves in saying our company is one big family. The strong bonds with clients, partners, and suppliers form organically, and we enjoy going the extra mile so that our foreign partners feel welcomed and appreciated when they visit Guatemala; just as if they were visiting a relative.

Likewise, when we receive new or potential clients, we like to get to know them and introduce them to the Dinamica family so that we can all interact and enjoy the visit. Usually, the business side is not our first approach. At Dinamica, relationships come first, and we invest in them so that they grow authentic and strong.

We like to partner with like-minded companies and people who share our values and care for more than a strictly business relationship. Additionally, we look for long-term partnerships with collaborators who also believe in delivering the best quality possible. However small, our company stands out because of how we build relationships; loyalty and trust are fundamental and non-negotiable values for us.

"Bringing families together through coffee" was an idea born in 2015. This idea turned into a goal, a compromise we decided to make to all our partners and the entire supply chain. We believe coffee connects people and that in order for our business to thrive for both our partners and Dinamica, we need to form a strong community and work with our entire supply chain. Our objective is to share the best quality coffees to consumers around the globe.

For our business to function as a family, we search for partners who take honesty, trust, long-term relationships, and business growth as seriously as we do. These values are especially important during challenging times. 2020 is a perfect example, for uncertainty taught us how important it is to stick together and look for creative ways to make our partnerships continue in difficult times. This sense of family, honesty, transparency, trust, hard work and constant communication have been key elements to maintaining our partnerships and building new ones. As mentioned before, this past year brought many challenges: little traveling, few coffee events, and no origin trips from our foreign partners makes maintaining those relationships more complex. Nevertheless, we are committed to our partners, and we continue to keep in touch, listen to their needs, and find alternatives to make business possible.

Dinamica is what it is thanks to all the people behind it: from our team to our partners at origin and those outside of Guatemala, we are committed to working together to share the best Guatemalan coffee with the world while bringing families together, one cup of coffee at a time.

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