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There are many hands involved behind that clean, flavorful cup of coffee we all drink; this is why quality control is the heart of our operation.

We have an entire team constantly working with farmers to ensure cherries are processed the way they should. Microlot parchment arrivals are all tested for defects, proper humidity & water activity. All samples are cupped to ensure taste and prevent fast aging of the beans.

Every single step of the process matters and having quality staff matters even more. Tono, our dry mill Q&A manager in action working the “Densimetric beds”.

Tono, was born and raised in Huehuetenango, the heaven of coffee; this guy has over three decades of coffee experience in his pocket!

You can already imagine how many bags he has packed & shipped over his career.... he can even recognize the origin of the bean just by looking at it. Amazing guy right?

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