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Dinamica Coffee the Official Exporter of One of a Kind Guatemala Coffee Auction 2022

We are happy to announce our contribution to the second edition of One of a Kind Guatemala Coffee Auction 2022, created by the Guatemala Coffee Association (Anacafé) in partnership with the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (ACE) taking place this month. Dinamica Coffee has been selected as the official exporter of the 15 finalist lots that will be auctioned this coming July 8th.

The Goal

Ana Lucrecia Glaesel, the Marketing Director of Anacafé, explains that this contest aims to create new opportunities for producers whose production is limited and would like to be seen through their coffees. This is how the quantity presented to the contest was reduced to a minimum 150kg to maximum 240kg that will be shipped in 30kg boxes of green coffee, compared to the normal quantities required for the Cup of Excellence.

Guatemala is known for its high quality coffees, however, this has become the origin to be seen as mainly a traditional coffee producer. The goal is to make the origin become a source for high specialty coffee that also involves innovation in the process, meaning that every coffee presented to the contest must have an innovation either in the process or the drying using only traditionally grown varieties.

Innovation and Traditional Varieties

According to Ana Lucrecia, 75% to 80% of the coffee grown in Guatemala comes from traditional varieties, therefore, the challenge is to take these varieties to the next level and how this can become the representation of an innovative producer.

The varieties that are not allowed in the contest are: Geisha, Pacamara, Marago, Java; Sl28, Sl34, Moka, Sudan Rume and Maracaturra. Processes such as honey and natural are renowned as innovative processes as well as the use of yeasts during the fermentation, anaerobic fermentations, carbonic maceration or pre fermentation in different phases of the process.

This will position the category of nano lots that could also reach micro roasters or categories of exclusive coffees in big companies around the world.

Dinamica Coffee, The Official Exporter

According to Daniel Montenegro, Jr. Manager of Dinamica Coffee, about being the official exporter of the 15 lots that will be auctioned: This is the opportunity to connect both with specialty coffee producers and specialty coffee roasters, which will allow Dinamica Coffee to have exposure in the specialty coffee market.

Daniel explains that the company has recently acquired new equipment that will be processing smaller lots that require a special selection which will also be efficient and will bring great results regarding the milling and selection.

This equipment is able to process 540kg of parchment/cascara coffee per hour that also requires an additional protocol for specialty coffees: every 15 mins a representative sample of the coffee being processed is taken by the production manager who counts the defects allowed and who ensures that the quality of the entire lot is the one expected. This process involves more time, more control that also includes the sensory analysis at the lab.

This kind of partnership enhances our commitment to quality, to transparency and our passion for great coffee says Daniel. We want to keep striving to make Guatemala a great source of high specialty coffees. We wish all the best to the producers that entered the international round. We are certain that we will get an amazing 15 lots that we will be more than happy to share with the world.

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