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How about an Origin Trip to Guatemala with Coffee Awakening

The harvest in Guatemala is at its best. If importers and roasters now travel to Guatemala, they could share with coffee pickers and even pick coffee themselves. Whoever comes at this time will be able to experience the entire coffee process from the farm to wet and dry mill processing.

Doing it now will let you see the entire process in the specialty coffees and you’ll be able to share with the coffee producers. Also, from February to April the sightseeing in the country is simply amazing. You can visit very interesting areas, but we will mention them in the next blog. This time we will be focused on coffee trips and how you can have an unforgettable experience through our program "Coffee Awakening".

Before Coffee Awakening was created, Dinámica's clients used to stay in hotels and since there was lots of available space at La Labor, the idea was thought that it would be better for them to stay inside the estate. As many of the clients are very urban, Dinámica wanted to give them the experience of being able to stay inside a Latin-style coffee farm but with a twist, they’d be staying in a glamping style.

Coffee Awakening has 4 tents, being able to accommodate up to 16 people. It also has a campfire place, showers with hot water, lovely spots in the forest to socialize and much more nature features. The glamping is located inside the city, just 45 minutes by car from the airport, which makes it super convenient for those who have just arrived in Guatemala or those who are about to leave.

Many people visited Coffee Awakening since the project began and among the most frequent comments from those who were able to enjoy this experience were:

  • They were able to sleep very well because of the cold of the night in the forest. Apart from being able to rest very well and to disconnect from the urban "rush".

  • The campfire is very special, and even better when accompanied by a delicious "Ron Zacapa Centenario".

  • They loved the "from the seed to the cup" experience at the La Labor farm, which is five minutes from the campsite.

  • They found it incredible to see the huge coffee plantation in the middle of the city, this being one of the main lungs of the Guatemalan capital.

A very important part of Coffee Awakening is being able to take a tour of the process in the wet mill. You’ll be able to visit the drying patios, the wet process of washed, natural and honey coffees explained by the expert "Chespi". Then the experience ends with a tour of Dinámica’s dry mill, where you’ll be able to see the coffee selection process and quality control prior to a cupping of specialty coffees. At Dinámica we hope you can have the amazing experience of Coffee Awakening in Guatemala.

Anyone interested can contact us to: and we’ll be excited to host you!

By: Andres Ranero

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