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Candelaria, Land of The Elders

Huehuetenango is known as the place of the elders, as it is the oldest land in Central America. The rugged mountains of the Sierra Madre ripple like wrinkles of an ancient face. Its diverse mix of cold air descending from 3,800 m.a.s.l ridges to the tropical weather has been home to beans, squash and corn that also protects coffee crops making this one of the most interesting weather influenced cups of joe.

This region is located between the northern area of Guatemala and the southern part of Mexico that also explains its unique weather conditions for coffee growing as its high mountains range more than 3,000 m.a.s.l. known as Sierra de los Cuchumatanes being the highest non-volcanic mountains in Central America. .

What is interesting about Huehuetenango is that its population is mainly Mam, coming from the ancient Mayan Period because of its geographic remote location that has allowed them to stay in this region for a very long time. Almost all the producers process their own coffee taking the advantage of the abundant rivers and streams that make it easier to establish mills.

The Candelaria region's location gives an extraordinary coffee with fruity flavors, chocolaty body and with particular juicy acidity and while coffee here does not come from volcanic mountains, it is influenced by the tropical weather coming from the Gulf of Mexico and the cold winds coming from its high mountain ranges.

Coffee is processed mainly washed as SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) with an European Preparation to be exported.

The Mam’s harvesting culture of beans and corn has been an important heritage for the tradition of their coffee growing culture, a crop that has been in this region for over a century. Their exhaustive selection and artisan care to process coffee in small batches by each family is what makes Huehuetenango’s coffee truly special.

If you think that you are enjoying your morning cup of Candelaria, now think of the ancient traditions that have influenced the harvesting and processing of these marvelous beans, the language spoken, the special weather influence and the pure water that enriches and enhances every coffee bean with outstanding flavors.

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