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New experimental processes for harvest 22-23

For this blog I had the pleasure of interviewing Chespi, the producer of the "La Labor" and "Vizcaya" farms, to talk about what is coming in terms of experimental processes in wet milling for the next season.

Chespi tells us that the plan for the 22-23 harvest is to improve and perfect the yeast processes, 130 hours of fermentation with regulated temperatures of 9 to 12 degrees in order to manage and control which microorganisms they want to be present in the fermentation process. It is already the fifth year that they have made specialty coffees with experimental processes, being able to replicate what customers have previously bought.

Very happy, Chespi tells us that they are also experimenting with new processes for rehydrated natural coffees. These are selected before being fermented. Then, when they are already half dried, they are hydrated again to the desired percentage of humidity and finally they return to the drying process.

Finally, Chespi emphasizes to us that what they most want to work on at this time is very much the issue of rehydrated coffees and yeasts. That's what you want to aim for for "boutique microlots" in vintage 22-23. We at Dinámica are very excited about the coffees they are producing and we know that customers in other countries are eagerly waiting to receive more coffees from Chespi.

By: Andres Ranero

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