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The One of a Kind Lots’ Journey

One of a Kind has come to the end with the evaluation phases and the announcement of the 15 lots that will be auctioned this coming 28th of July.

We are honored to be part of this crucial process that involves the final stages of this long journey traveled by the 15 lots that represent the innovation of the producers that, thanks to this contest, are accessing new markets and positioning with pride the Guatemalan coffees. Our job at Dinamica Coffee is to take care of these beautiful gems, prepare them and finally export them to their clients worldwide.

Join us to get to know more about the preparation stage!

Reception of the Lots

The lots’ reception was the first stage, we received 39 lots since the contest started. Each producer was in charge of delivering their lot to our dry mill in order to go through the first sampling process for the competition stages. This is when the Quality Director takes a general sample of each lot in order to make sure that the moisture content and water activity are between the standard range.

Physical and Sensory Analysis

This is when the green bean grading and sensory analysis takes place in order to verify that all the coffees meet the norm established by the contest’s rules. Additionally, the Quality Director establishes a schedule of how to proceed with every lot during the milling process for the 15 lots that made it to the auction.

Milling Using our New Equipment for Microlots!

This stage is very exciting for us since we are officially using our new acquisition at Dinamica Coffee! This equipment, a part of being efficient, allows us to ensure that the norm and preparation for every lot is met according to their process. Every 15 mins during the milling process, the equipment operator takes a sample from the lot in order to check that the equipment is following the parameters established for the electronic and color sorting.

Preparation of the Sample Sets for Auction

During this stage we pack the samples of each lot that will be sent in a very special box that will include one sample of each of the 15 lots that will be traveling soon to their potential clients based in 11 countries around the world, the opportunity for Guatemalan coffees to reach new destinations with this innovation category that will meet new market trends allowing more producers to enter the specialty coffee industry.

Packaging and Shipment

At the same time that we are preparing the sample sets, we pack and vacuum seal the 15 lots in 30kg boxes that will be ready to be shipped to their final destination once we discover who is getting every coffee after the auction.

This is the final stage of the process that concludes for the second time the One of a Kind contest. We are proud of these coffees, their producers and we expect them to reach the best coffee spots that will share with the world the hard work and innovation of these families, whose coffees have passed with success the strict evaluation processes.

Guatemala is now getting to be renowned not only for their terroir and shade grown coffees but also for its innovative producers that are moving forward the full potential of their coffees through experimentation and differentiation.

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